unique opportunity for young women scientists


Connecting Women's Careers in Academia and Industry 

CONNECT encourages women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to plan and develop their career. It aims to inspire all involved people to bridge the gap between academia, industry and public sector. 

So far, CONNECT has brought together more than 70 PhD and Postdoc candidates with role models, HR representatives and inspiring speakers. 

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Career planning, networking, knowhow transfer 

Strong project partners from academia, industry and public sector 

Third edition of a challenging program

In 2018 seven academic institutions from ETH domain (ETHZ, EPFL, Eawag, Empa, PSI, WSL) and University of Zurich (UZH) decided to offer an interactive program to young women scientists to provide real insights into career opportunities outside academia. CONNECT answers those questions, which are not covered neither by career services nor by job fairs. 

This would not be possible without strong project partners from all three areas, such as academia, industry and public sector. 

CONNECT participant (anonymous)
“It provides a space to contemplate other options outside of academia in a non-judgmental environment.”
6 - 7 intense 1-day workshops 


This program offers its participants a lot. It also asks for something: energy and openness to a broad variety of career opportunities. By analyzing her own situation first and then talking to role models in different positions but all with a background in academia, each participant can define her next career step but also areas for development. 

First one-day workshop

Where are you today?

Analyze your very own situation, what do you dream of, what do you expect, what challenges do you face? Receive input from a professional moderator about how to define your next steps as well as on how to overcome hurdles, and meet your peers for the first time.

Second one-day workshop 

CV and UAS

On the second workshop day, participants learn how to create a CV mainly for a non-academic application in Switzerland. In addition, they learn why LinkedIn is part of career planning today and they have the opportunity to talk to role models from universities of applied sciences (UAS). 

Third - sixths workshop days 

Industry and government

Participants get the unique chance to meet role models at project partner's sites to talk about career prospects, differences between academia, industry and public sector and to even ask rather personal questions. Often HR provides insights in recruiting processes. 

7th workshop day 


For a final day, participants meet to wrap up what they have learned over the last approx. 6 months and to draw a conclusion for their very own next career step. It is supported by a framework program providing some final inputs to participants. 

CONNECT is supported by the Federal Office for Gender Equality (FOGE).

  • Federal Office for Gender Equality